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The unapologetic focus on the ordinary. 

In a world in which we are constantly chasing the extraordinary, moments is a series that
tries to change the perception of life & invites us to pause and reconsider the beauty of the mundane. Through colors and shapes, the compositions unfold like a serene meditation on moments and places of wonderful life.

Be reminded that sometimes the most profound experiences come not from the extraordinary, but from the simple act of living.

Inspired by the contrasting "positivo negativo" works of Bruno Munari, the empty space in these artworks is not an absence, but a space for contemplation and interpretation. Each moment is framed by one's own experience and enriched with one's own feelings. 

Munari's artworks skillfully play with the contrasts of positive and negative & form and void. This subtle balance between presence and absence, between the obvious and the hidden, captivated my mind.

In all abstractions, the viewer is invited to reflect on the nature of visual phenomena and to question the relationship between objects and their surroundings.

All artworks measure 5,000px × 5,000px and were created completely digitally. 

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