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"In visual perception, a colour is almost never seen as it actually is - as it physically exists." This quote from Josef Albers and the fact behind it makes colour one of the most relative medium in art. Hidden in every hue is a fascinating interplay of light, shadow and subjective influences that constantly changes the way we experience colour. 

Alle Farben - All Colours is a series that originated in the midst of global isolation and has since served as a research space for colour effects. 

The exploration of each individual colour and its emotional impact are the cornerstones of this series. Each of the 10 pieces originates from a series of colour experiments that move between passion, depth, clarity, hope and spirituality. All abstractions measure 4,250px × 5,667px and primary buyers of Black, Orange and Dark Blue will receive a signed 1/1 print on Hahnemühle german etching. 

The relativity of colour opens up a philosophical dimension. It reminds us that the perception of our environment is always subjective, characterised by individual interpretations and emotions. 

Colour is therefore not only an aesthetic medium, but also a bridge between reality and imagination. It is the brushstroke that blurs the boundaries between what we see and what we feel.

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